Wedding Planner to Virtual Assistant: The Story Behind kgc

I’ve found that it’s not uncommon for wedding planners to become virtual assistants.

Wonder why?

My thoughts are as wedding planners, we are already really, really good at handling the logistics and troubleshooting. I mean, a wedding is one big party that has many moving parts in order to make it happen. And, let’s not forget to mention as wedding planners, we are fantastic at working with all types of personalities under high-stress situations.

Put that all together in a mixing bowl and add the talent of knowing how to operate the behind-the-scenes of a business and ta-da! You have the secret recipe for a the perfect virtual assistant.


So, how I did I break into the virtual assistant world?

Long story short, COVID.

I have a feeling COVID is going to be the start of many stories from here on out of for small business owners who noticed they needed a change or a quick pivot to make income in 2020.

For me (and most), business came to a complete stop. You know, the whole “Do no not pass go and do not collect $200” phrase in Monopoly? Well, that’s how I constantly felt in 2020 as couples would call to either cancel or postpone their weddings. Don’t get me wrong…. I was grateful for those who took the time to replan their wedding with me to keep family and friends safe, but gosh was it a draining time.

And, because of the COVID restrictions, wedding inquiries ceased and all that filled my email inbox were very sad crickets.

I needed a change and I needed one fast in order to get income coming into my family.

Important Note Before Reading On: I am not a money hungry person and by no means was this biz of mine founded on the principle of simply to make money. It was founded on my love for helping people and taking that passion to turn into profits. It was founded on the principle of needing to provide for my family during a time where little-to-none places where hiring.

I had already begun to dabble a bit into assisting other business owners with the backend logistics of their business, but I knew I could so much more for my clients. So I begin to brainstorm the idea of a second business idea. (Hint… this second business idea would grow to become kgc much sooner than I ever thought!)


I needed a really big push to go full-time.

What only my closest family and friends knew before COVID hit in March here in Arkansas was that I was already on the brink of going full-time with my wedding planning biz. Fear was holding me back BIG. TIME. I needed a push. A really big push.

Currently at this time I was juggling my almost full-time remote job, wedding planning clients, and “pop-up” work for this gig that I finally learned was best described as virtual assisting.

Y’all I can’t juggle.

I was getting consistent “pop-up” work for this second business of mine that I wasn’t quite sure what it fully was at the time; but something was telling me to just leap.

Something in my gut was telling me to go big or go home.


Fear of the unknown.

Fear of no income whatsoever.

Fear of having to borrow money from family.

Fear of not measuring up.

Fear of the what if’s.

Fear of failing.

Fear of it all.



Here’s the thing… I know COVID sucks. I know there has been so much bad due to COVID. However, when I stop and think about it… there has been so much good. I won’t get all preachy here but I bet that you can think of a couple of good things that resulted due to COVID.

For me, COVID gave me that big push I needed.

I was all out of excuses. 

My “full-time” job had no work for me. I didn’t want to hit the pavement looking for another 9-5 gig. Plus, as mentioned above little-to-none places were hiring.


Here’s the catch…

My wedding planning business was supposed to be my full-time job now. But how the heck was that going to happen when guest counts had to be limited to 10 people max. Yeah… talk about a roadblock.

My finances were getting all out of sorts.

I had to figure something out and I needed to fast. Taking that second business, I launched Kaitie Gill Consulting in June 2021 and y’all…. I booked 3 clients within the matter of 2 months on a 6-month contract basis. Tears. Literal tears of joy.


God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Wanna know something really cool? God always showed up and showed out.

Every time that I felt like this full-time entrepreneur life wasn’t for me (usually I had this feeling when I wasn’t bringing in income) God would show up and show out.

This is no lie y’all…  I called my biz bestie just completely disheartened. Things weren’t going well. Hung up the phone and literally within 3-4 hours, I had THREE wedding planning inquiries straight to my inbox, two of which booked me by the end of that week.

Y’all if that isn’t God sending me a sign stating I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to be then I don’t know what it is.

So, I’ll say this again…



kgc has become my main revenue stream.

kgc is my consistent revenue stream that I use to support my family. Wedding planning is now supplement income that I use to pay off other expenses, use for fun money, etc. Plus, now I don’t feel as pressured to book every single Saturday of the year. I’ve been able to raise my wedding planning prices and still book my ideal client and have my calendar as booked out as I choose it to be.


And, strangely all this wouldn’t have happened the way it did without COVID.

It’s kinda crazy to think that kgc hasn’t even been in official business for a whole year yet. God is so, so good. And, I’m a firm believer (because I’m living proof!) that when you have purpose behind your passion, you can transform those passions into profits.


Thanks for reading my story.

If you have any questions, don’t be a stranger and feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

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