My Word of the Year for 2021

Establish. My Word of the Year for 2021.

As I reflect back on the current year, I realize just how much the year has taught me – which is kind of ironic considering my word for 2020 was humility

Everything that is “broken” in my life has been fully exposed just within the past 12-months.

I’ve had constant mind battles covering a wide range of topics. Sometimes I’d end up in these ruts and weird moods because of all the things going on in my mind. 

From finances, losing weight, maintaining a clean house (yeah, didn’t happen), trying to figure out how my wedding planning business would survive, being a present friend, etc. all during a pandemic is hard, y’all. Really, really hard. And, I know I don’t have to express to y’all how the uncertainty of the year was a weight within itself.


2020 has taught me some really hard lessons.

However, I’m not resentful for this year. Despite all the crazy this year has brought, it’s been a surprisingly monumental year.

It’s been a year of pivoting. And, as much as I hate how overused that word is, it’s the truth.

I’ve learned where I need to pivot. I’ve learned what’s most important to me and I’ve learned that there are things in my life that need some fine-tuning. 

And, while on the outside looking in, it may seem like I have it all figured out, I most definitely do not. Nope. I’m just figuring it all out as I go.


This is why I have chosen the word establish for my Word of the Year.

Because 2021 is going to be the year that I establish a better self.

By no means am I saying that who I currently am is bad. Not at all. I just know that these “broken” things that were exposed this year won’t go away if I don’t fix them. They only get yuckier like an uneaten banana or apple.

Here is what I’m going to establish for 2021 and am actually already working on now because you gotta start somewhere, right?


Establish a quiet time.

I have been the worst when it comes to having a devotional time this year. For me, staying rooted in the Word of God is the most important thing I can do for myself and my family. Everything that follows within this blog has to have a firm foundation. That firm foundation, for me, is the hope I have in Christ. God is still God despite my flaws and brokenness and I have to be reminded of that daily. God is still God no matter what happens in this world.


Establish better bookkeeping and a financial plan.

Oh, the dreaded money topic. Let me tell you this year has exposed where my bookkeeping and personal finances need some love. It’s time for me to level up and establish a bookkeeping system that doesn’t cause me headaches. When money gets tight, I get anxious and I’m honestly a little difficult to be around. (Just ask Ryan, he’ll confirm the horrific mood truth.) Even though God has proven time and time again that things will always work out, I still have to do my part in being a better steward of what I’ve been given.


Establish a healthier lifestyle.

There are many things (not just eating healthy and working out) that play a factor into a healthy lifestyle. However, for this topic right now I’m actually going to focus on the whole eating and working out topics. I used to be that person that worked out daily. I was in the best shape of my life in college. But as life got busy, it seemed that working out and eating right took to the back-burner. 2021 is going to be the year that I take better care of myself. Because what good am I to others if I’m not well myself?


Establish better systems within my business.

As mentioned, 2020 has been a monumental year as I started this little business, Kaitie Gill Consulting. If it weren’t for the pandemic and having to figure out how I’d help support my family without weddings, I wouldn’t have pursued my new business adventure this year. kgc grew quick! This means things that worked in the beginning systems wise, aren’t really working well for me now. So, I’ve shifted gears and am establishing new systems that work best for me and my clients. This means new packages and new offerings. I’m really truly stoked about this change!


Now, I know you’re probably thinking Man, that’s a lot to accomplish in 2021.

But, here’s the thing… I’ve always loved a good challenge and to me the things listed above are truly non-negotiable. I have to get these things established within 2021. Do they have to be 100% perfect? Nope! I just need to prove to myself that I’m capable of this ideal better version of myself.



For the first time, I’ve also invested in Powersheets. It’s a goal planner for intentional living. The prep work helped me figure out what my Word of the Year should be. It helped pinpoint the areas of my life that needed some extra love: finances, health, and spiritual growth. As if, I really didn’t already know what areas I needed to focus on, this just verified it for me.


My Family…

My family is my greatest support system. I love them with everything that I am. If you are reading this blog and wondering why I didn’t talk to anyone… please know that I have. Ryan, my husband, is always there for me. I’ve got parents who always listen and a daddy who gives the best hugs when words aren’t enough. I have three very dear friends who I’ve called countless times to just ramble. 

I’m not in a bad state of mind. I’ve just realized this year through some hard lessons what actually needs my energy and focus. I’ve learned what is and isn’t important. I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work. I’m backing up to punt with better focus on the goal post.


So, cheers to 2021.

A year that I’ll establish my best self. A year that is going to be full of growth. A year that I’ll establish my best self physically, mentally, financially and, most importantly, spiritually.


Tell me…

Do you pick a word of the year? If so, have you decided on your word for 2021? What is it and why?